Angels on the Ocean Home Care

Whether a family member needs a little extra help around the house, assistance recovering after a hospital stay, or someone to check in on them throughout the week, Angels on the Ocean is here to help.

Life has problems, our angels have the solution.

Our Services

Our in-home care services are built around your specific needs. From 24-hour Home Care to Companion Care, Hospital Sitting, Safety Device Installation, Cleaning, Chores, and Custom Care Plans.

24 Hours – Around the clock care

Hourly home care for adults, and seniors with chronic illnesses, injuries, or disabilities.

Companion care

Our Angels provide emotional support and socialization, as well as help with everyday activities like bathing, emailing, meal preparation, and other tasks to enable their independence and safety.

Hospital sitter

Our caregivers are also specialized hospital sitters that provide essential assistance during hospital stays. We provide this specific service to take the load off family members so they can attend to other matters while we observe and monitor the patient’s medical condition.

Medication reminder

Our nurses ensure patients adhere to their medication regimes by setting alarms and utilizing pillboxes to help remind patients to take their prescriptions on time.

Daily check in concierge care

Daily Check in Concierge Care offers first class essential care which alleviates the stress in administering complex medication regimen and care by ensuring medication 💊 is taken as prescribed, vitals are recorded and charted as well as observing three meals a day. All done in an hour or less.

Daily Check in Concierge Care:


About us

Welcome to Angels On The Ocean Home Care LLC.
As a fully licensed home healthcare agency.
We offer a new standard in concierge home healthcare. Our team of highly qualified care specialists, all working together to ensure that you loved one stay comfortable at home, in the most caring supportive environment.
The mission of Angels On The Ocean Home Care, LLC is to maintain the highest standard of excellence in the healthcare community through compassion, respect and education.
Our company is committed to providing unparalleled care to our senior and their loved ones while honoring a strict code of conduct and confidentiality.

The benefits of home care

At Angels on the Ocean, our in-home services allow adults to receive day-to-day help with the personal care they need, preserving their dignity, and maintaining a good quality of life.